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Kids' Fleece Socks - Cosmos

  • $700 CAD
  • Save $6.99 CAD


Soft night sky grey with white and gold stars. 

  • Moisture-wicking fleece helps keep active young feet dry and warm. (Did you know that kids' feet sweat more than grown-ups' do? So fleece is so much healthier for them as it reduces the growth of bacteria and is hypoallergenic.) 

  • Flat-lock seams lie comfortably against the foot--and no toe seams to cut into soft toe-tops. 

  • Gentle stretch keeps socks up without cutting off circulation. 

  • Colorfast. Washer/dryer safe. Durable. Cute.

You can't beat fleece socks for outdoor winter fun: sledding, skating, skiing, building a snowman...

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