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About Us

Polar Feet® began as I was searching for unique Christmas gift ideas at a fabric store in Vancouver in 2003. Standing in front of a bolt of cow print fleece fabric I suddenly thought, "Wouldn't cow socks be fun!" I sewed socks for everyone on my list and sent them off. Everyone loved them, and I found when I wore my own pair around town, people would stop me and ask where did you get those great socks!? The idea of developing this into a business of my own slowly took root and I made the leap--registered my business name, got my licenses, signed up for trade much to learn and do!

At my first trade show in spring of 2004 I had Cowsox and Snowflower socks. That was it. I didn't have a fancy booth or much of a display but the bright colours and fun prints caught the eyes of passers-by and I got a few orders. I quickly realized I needed more colours and more products for the next time around. I love designing new products, and I won't compromise in what I want to bring to my customers: outstanding quality, fair prices, and personal, super-responsive customer service. Our products are excellent value, beautifully made, and a real person will answer the phone and answer your questions or address any issues to your satisfaction. No phone trees! 

In 2011 we launched our slipper line: Polar Feet Perfect Mocs™ and Polar Feet Snugs™. You will love the lightweight warmth and comfort of our slippers!

We are also the only company in the world making fleece flipflop/Tabi Socks!

Polar Feet® has been around for a while now! Our customers come back often and send us wonderful emails to tell us how much they love their Polar Feet®

Send us an email or post on our facebook page! I love to read your comments, answer your questions, see your photos, listen to your suggestions--and we ask that if you're happy with your Polar Feet® please help spread the word!

Most importantly, take your Polar Feet® outside and play!

Warm Regards,

Lisa Falconer CEO Polar Feet Ltd

Stay warm!

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