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Our Big Spring Sale on Now

Posted by Lisa Falconer on

Now through April 6th, anything and everything you buy here at is 30% off when you use promo code: 0K1TN3IW4D5D at the checkout. 
We've had a big response so I was helping pack orders this morning, which I love because I am reminded again and again what beautiful products we have. They are a joy to hold and to feel--so soft to the touch, the colours so vibrant. I like to imagine where they are going, who will receive them...I pack a kids' pair of lumberjack socks and then an adult XL in the same style, and I wonder if this is a gift from a mom to her husband and child, or perhaps a proud dad getting matching socks for himself and his little son. I picture the boy's delight at having the same socks as Dad--how grown up! I wish I would receive a photo from this pair--I'm curious to see who they are and how they look in their Polar Feet socks together. Oh! and here's a pair of snow leopard leg warmers being wrapped up--I'm old enough to remember when leg warmers were all the rage. We wore them to the gym to do the new aerobics classes just like Jane Fonda. And so I smile as I work out the postage--legwarmers! For a young girl, perhaps? Or they could be a nostalgic purchase. I pack more orders--I can't help but feel proud of my little company and I recognize so many of the names and addresses coming in from all over the world which is just...awesome. I notice that lots of slippers are being ordered--they're a great deal at 30% off, that's for sure. And, I give myself a mental pat on the back, they're fabulous! I fold some pretty paper around several pairs of socks, trying not to wrinkle the paper too much, tuck in the receipt, stick down the flap and add the package to the growing pile and I ask myself, "Will they be able to tell that every pair was packed with a smile?" 

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