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The countdown has begun

Posted by Lisa Falconer on

This morning I purchased for the Canadian side of our new website. Who knew that it would be such a thrill? Strange. But we are now so close to launching this site. I'm so excited. Just a couple of weeks to go until the slippers arrive. Mid-July. So we really can't launch until we've got those slippers all snug in the warehouse. And then what will happen? Have I ordered enough? Too many? Will word spread quickly that Polar Feet has the most amazing slippers now? And that the prices are amazingly affordable? Will there be enough to last until Christmas? Every one I have shown them to wants a pair immediately! "Oh," they say, "these feel amazing! So light! So soft!" Then, "Are they for sale? I'll take a pair." I have to tell them so, sorry, these are just samples--the shipment hasn't arrived yet. Then I have to firmly take the slippers out of their hands (or off their feet) and tell them they have to wait. That's right--no big soft puppy eyes--you have to wait just a few weeks more...

Oh--this fall and winter season is going to be exciting!


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