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A Tribute to the Andrews Family

Posted by Lisa Falconer on

For many years now--almost more than I care to admit to--my dear friends, Kathy and Robert, and their kids Sarah and Jonathan--have been a big part of my life--even though I moved away from Calgary in 1985, and largely through Kathy's thoughtfulness to make the effort to stay in touch. Always supportive of my dreams and pursuits, always ready to jump on a plane and come visit me and my husband in whatever farflung country or city we have happened to live in; we have moved a lot due to my husband's career. Polar Feet has been my way of inventing a business for myself that will allow me to follow Josef around and have satisfying work to do at the same time. Warm-hearted and loyal friends, Kathy and Robert have been big supporters of Polar Feet, and by extension, me . Every Christmas Kathy and Robers order a big bunch of socks to give to co-workers, friends at the ski hill, and the many members of their large extended family. A great number of people wearing Polar Feet socks up at Fernie have Kathy to thank for introducing them to my products. The photo of the Andrews, above, taken when they visited the Columbia Glacier this summer, is another instance of their thoughtfulness--they are on a family vacation, hiking on the glacier, wearing Polar Feet socks, and they take the time to shoot a fun photo for my website.

A mutual friend said of Kathy, "You just know that if there were an accident in your family or you were recovering from an operation, Kathy would be the first one there on your doorstep with a casserole and a get well card!" I always thought that summed it up beautifully. Kathy never forgets my birthday, and is one of the few people left in the world who still send thank you cards after a dinner party.

Tragically--heart-breakingly---the accident instead visited the Andrews family and Jonathan--the young man on the right with the nice muscular legs, wearing the snow camo socks, is gone. A celebration of Jonathan's life was held last Friday in Calgary and was attended by over 500 people--parents, teachers, and so many young friends who wept and laughed by turns as family and friends told their favourite stories about a young man who was charming and exhuberant and who will be sorely and sadly missed by all who knew him.  

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